Eco Centre Information

Here at Plas Gwynant we are an “Eco Centre” and very proud of it. We have worked hard to ensure that all aspects of our practises are environmentally sound.  We encourage visiting groups to adopt good environmental practise during courses and strive to transfer this practise back to their every day lives.

 “Plas Gwynant Outdoor Education Centre uses the outdoors for adventure and enjoyment. We want to look after the environment, both locally and the wider global environment to create a sustainable future.”

Our Eco-code is:

Precious water, turn off taps.  We won’t lose it.

Litter’s for losers.  We don’t drop it.

Always reduce, reuse, recycle.  We won’t waste it.

Saving Energy saves the planet: turn lights off, shut doors, and walk when you can.

All of us do our Eco bit.