Bush Craft

Learn how to light fires, cook food, make hot drinks and build shelters using what is around you in the outdoors. Bushcraft is a very rewarding activity that is either taught separately or can be part of another activity, such as a canoeing trip.


Bushcraft develops a sense of community both through the teamwork required in the separate skills and through importantly through sitting down as a group enjoying the end product, whether that is keeping warm, cooking bread, or toasting marshmallows.

Students develop their independence, personal responsibility and risk awareness through using a range a hand tools including saws and knives where appropriate as well as completing a variety of independent jobs to support the team.

Bushcraft looks at the issues of sustainability and environmental impact in a real context.  It can be used to support groups where they are completing the John Muir Award and is ideally suited to support work done at Schools where they take part in the Forest Schools or Eco schools schemes.