Corporate Training

Outdoor activities are being increasingly used as a popular medium for corporate development and team-building.

By putting teams of people in unfamiliar and challenging environments, it becomes easier to understand concepts of group dynamics and the way that both individuals and groups of people can learn and develop. Combine this with the fun element of the activities at Plas Gwynant, and you have the recipe for a stimulating and rewarding corporate experience.

These courses by their nature need to be flexible in terms of the differing needs of our clients, and consequently we consult closely with them in order to provide a well balanced programme that will satisfy identified required course outcomes. Plas Gwynant is the perfect resource for this kind of team-building course, and all our customers have been highly satisfied with their achievements.


Examples of organisations that have used Plas Gwynant for team building and corporate development are:

  • Sandwell Leisure Trust
  • Sandwell Healthy Schools Team
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper