INSET and Teacher Courses


We run staff INSET courses at Plas Gwynant throughout the year, where teachers and other school staff with learning responsibilities can sign up and come along where they are interested and it supports their role.  If schools would like us to deliver a specific training course for their staff, we are more than happy to do this, they just need to get in touch with us to discuss any proposals.

Staff will return to school with a better understanding of how to maximise the use of their premises, grounds and resources to support learning.

We also offer an advisory service to schools with respect to making the most of their school grounds and improving their out of classroom learning.

Examples of training courses and areas where we have come into school and offered advice and support for existing resources or the development of new resources are:

  • Bushcraft
  • Orienteering
  • Use of climbing walls
  • Problem solving
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme
  • GCSE, A Level, BTEC PE Outdoor Adventurous Activities delivery
  • Field studies
  • Going through the Eco-centre process
  • Safe use of and management of groups in the outdoors

Social Teachers Courses

Teachers who bring their pupils to Plas Gwynant often like the opportunity to come to the centre without a building full of their students and the responsibility that entails. As such we have developed a number of teachers’ courses, where a few like minded people from a given school come to Plas Gwynant for a weekend (or longer in the holidays) to have a go at some more activities, or the same activities but perhaps to a higher standard.

These courses tend to be a great deal of fun for the teachers and the Plas Gwynant teaching staff, and are often as much a social occasion as they are an activity course. The level of participation depends entirely on the individual – some may spend the day relaxing in the grounds of the centre, whilst others end up throwing themselves off 50′ rock parapets into Llyn Gwynant (our local lake). The choice of activities is very much dependent on the group of teachers and, as ever, the weather, but people always go home invigorated and refreshed, ready for another week in the classroom!

You can either watch out for these courses on our website, or if there are enough interested staff in your school, then contact us directly to enquire about organising your own course.