John Muir Award

Here at Plas Gwynant we are proud to be John Muir Award providers.  A significant number of visiting groups choose to complete the John Muir Award during their stay.  The award is usually completed as part of an adventurous activities week.  This is a nationally recognised environmental award, more information can be found at:

Groups are expected to complete the following 4 elements of the John Muir Award in wild places, these are:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Conserve
  • Share

There are plenty of wild places locally and there are numerous ways of exploring them.

Individuals all have to take part in a small conservation project during their stay, in the past these have included:

  • Developing our wildlife pond
  • Planting oak woodland
  • Building ‘Buggingham palace’
  • Working with the National Trust and National park Authority
  • Removing non-native invasive plants
  • Tree surveys

In terms of sharing, all students keep a diary, they can draw, paint, write poems, create a piece of art, or choose a different way of sharing what they have learned or found out.

If you think you may be interested inn completing the John Muir Award as part of your week of adventure, please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it.

What previous groups have said:


“Children have gained a better understanding, a wider experience and appreciate their impact on the environment.” – St James CE Primary School

“You are helping to develop a new generation of Eco-warriers!” – Holy Name CE Primary School

“Children have increased their understanding of conservation, preservation and the general environment through their participation in the John Muir Award.” – Yew Tree Primary school