Secondary Schools

At Plas Gwynant we are proud of having  60 years of experience of providing outdoor education courses for secondary schools.

Typically our courses are based around a mix of activities that are adventurous, progressive, innovative, challenging and exciting.  The activities themselves often require commitment, endeavour and resilience. As a result, many young people develop leadership qualities and grow in self-confidence and self-respect.  No matter what the activity, staff recognise that every person has a different start point and will need support to enable them to progress and achieve as much as possible.  By using real life settings and experiences, young people have the opportunity to develop an understanding of risk and consequence in a stimulating and challenging environment.


We work closely with schools to identify what outcomes they would like to achieve during their course, below are a selection of ‘typical’ course outcomes.

  • Personal and Social development
  • Curriculum support –
    • GCSE, A Level, BTEC PE Adventurous Activities modules
    • GCSE & A level photography coursework
    • Gifted and talented students
    • Fieldwork opportunities for science and geography
  • Reward
  • John Muir Award accredited outcome
  • Transitional skills (KS2-3 and KS 3-4)
  • Activity skills development
  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition training and assessment including the international award
  • “Growth Mindsets” – We have developed courses to support learning in schools where the outcome is to change the pupil’s perception of their ability to learn, making them realise that intelligence and other qualities, abilities, and talents can be developed with effort, learning and dedication.
Irrespective of the aim of any course, we always make sure we provide opportunities for the following:

  • Personal and social development
  • First hand experiential learning
  • Key skills and thinking skills development
  • Environmental awareness
  • Activity skills development
  • Healthy lifestyle choices





What previous groups have said:


“Rapport built with students is brilliant! Staff are approachable, humorous, fair and firm with all students.” – Rushy Mead Jan 2018 KS3

“Seeing the students developing and forming strong respectful relationships within their groups.” – Kibworth Oct 2017 Geography KS3 course when commenting on an inspirtional moment.

“It was inspiring to see some of our children engaging in activities that are out of their comfort zones and exceling and therefore developing their confidence” – March 2017 Westminster SEN School

“An aspiring moment came with the level of knowledge and quality of storytelling.  Mel’s description of children working in mines was particularly inspiring.” – Ivanhoe School, March 2015

“We have children with complex behaviours, these were dealt with sensitively and centre staff were supportive and understanding of our approaches and needs” – Old Park SEN School, Dudley Sept 2014


“Thanks for your outstanding support, flexibility and friendliness.  One of the best trips I’ve been on.  Thank you.” – Rawlett School,  June 2014.  KS4 Geography field studies trip.

“Bringing a groups of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties away for the first time was a challenge which with the support of the Plas staff we were able to provide opportunities to our pupils which otherwise would have been missed out on.” – Old Park School, Dudley March 2014


“For the teachers , it was a super field trip….. We had the opportunities to work alongside highly skilled and super-qualified  ‘keen bean’ Plas Gwynant instructors, who welcomed us into their world without reservation.” – Forres Sandle Manor, Hampshire